Sustainable Manufacturing


Our Commitment

Our commitment to an environmentally safe and sound ecological future is something we take seriously. Shaye Paper endeavours to create superiority and value in all tissue products for our clients and stakeholders. Our service levels are the relentless quest, not only for our clients, but for our shared environment and to provide a sustainable ecological future for economic and social awareness to our ecosystem. 

We carefully choose our corporate partnerships with purpose to integrate their missions and values with ours as a propriety rule to support and promote sustainable practices to our environment. 


Forestry Stewardship Council ® (FSC®)

Shaye Paper is committed to responsible sourcing with our internationally recognised forestry certification. The certification ensures crucial environmental responsibility and management in sourcing only FSC® certified or non controversial sources under the strict guidelines. 

This Chain of Custody certification ensures we are able to track the chain of input of raw materials to all the way to final tissue product. Ensuring no illegal fibre has entered our supply chain we can be confident that our product reflects our values in a sustainable world for all of us.


Recycling Programs

Anything we can recycle we do. We are committed to the environment and responsible tissue production management. As such we take the care to ensure our waste is minimised by diligent collection, separation and responsibly recycled.